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Chemtrails and how to create Resistance Antibodies

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Chemtrails and how to create Resistance Antibodies


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This information is being released in the name of public health and safety



CALCULATING CHEMTRAIL SPRAYING CALENDAR DAYS is located further down this page, as well as how to create antibodies. The best defense you can have is a strong immune system.

Chinese Proverb. "If you know yourself and you know your enemy, victory is always assured."
Time is their greatest enemy. When we take time to make major decisions, the entire picture becomes crystal clear.


February 9th, 2011. Spraying was very, very heavy. This spraying possibly targeted the DNA structure. There was a higher Solar Flux the day before. Whenever they spray heavily, the sunset always looks like the picture below. All Hawaiian Sunsets are usually clear with standard clouds.

As of February 2nd, 2011. All has been quiet. No major spray activity to report to date. A couple high geomagnetic storms, but no spraying associated with these periods observed.

Chemtrail Reports from Hawaii: On November 2nd, 2010, in the morning there was a vertical "line" coming from the sun as it rose, consistent with chemtrail spraying. The morning sunrise was a brilliant orange/red with "33 degree angle" shadow lines. It is possible they sprayed early in the morning (around 3 a.m.) of November 2nd, 2010. Spray was very heavy covering all the islands, including up to the horizon.

Today, November 3rd, there is a light rain over Hawaii, CONSISTENT LIGHT RAIN with no thunder or lightening, which is very, very rare. I found this article similar to chemtrail spraying, an election and also rain at this link:

"Feb 10, 2010 ... Comments on Costa Rica suffers massive chemtrail spraying on day of "elections" and ahead of mass swine flu vaccination campaign In conclusion, all the Hawaiian Islands, including Maui, and Kaui were sprayed late in the afternoon on November 1st and again in the early morning of November 2nd, 2010. Election day was November 2nd and as I type this light rain is falling. This rainfall pattern is very, very unusual.

Considering the CIA has a reputation for running elections "Behind the scenes" it is possible that the emerging of the Tea Party is seen as a threat by those who don't want this new emergence to happen and they are using chemtrails as a mind control method to stop the increasing popularity of the Tea Party.

I found this link where one of their planes was shot down and it was supposedly a CIA Chemtrail Run operation.

Now the question is, what is the connection between rainfall, chemtrails and an election?. November 3rd was Hawaii's Election day and we just had a massive "free flu shot" campaign end a few days ago.

It is my judgement that because the solar and geomagnetic indicators were not at high levels, (used for DNA modification), than this spraying was related to mind control to get the masses to accept / vote for some hidden, yet unknown agenda. If we live in a democracy, than why are they attempting to spray the masses on election day?

Posted September 13th, 2010:

Chemtrails have been sprayed in Hawaii for the last 4 days. This seems to be the mind control formula that is being used.

NEW: Honolulu, HI was sprayed heavily on October 14th, 2010. This spraying appears to target the DNA and Immune System. Just in time for the October "flu shot" season. So me and others are boosting our immune systems after this recent spraying. The spray appears to be coming from the South West part of the island.

They sprayed again lightly in the early morning hours of October 16th, 2010 over Honolulu, Hawaii. The Solar Flux (as of October 16th), for the first time in days has finally "risen" suddenly.

Also this years flu bug appears to be stronger and expect more "spin" on the economy as they try to promote a "recovery", yet over the longterm expect a longer decline, but most of all they are trying to heighten the anxiety level of man to make way for their war, which won't happen as more and more people become aware of what they are up to.....stay tuned..

Our food is being purposely engineered to severe our connection to our full creative potential. Only organic and nutrient rich foods restore our original connection to our higher selves/potential.


A very important note to our viewers. This website "How to create Chemtrail Anti Resistance Antibodies" was the first and only website to predict the swine flu outbreak that started in April of 2009. Now as of 10/12/09 a "vaccine" has become available. As shown below in the new video the Swine Flu Vaccine contains harsh chemicals such as mercury, and other toxic substances. Because the swine flu was created via bioengineering in the first place, the Vaccine can only make it worse.

What is happening here is they are spraying the chemtrails and they are designed to break down the human body immune system. Its is a program to "cull the herd" so to speak. They want to de-populate to make way for their agenda. If you do the research you will find that the best way to create these new diseases is to launch them during the Months of April and October when earths natural geomagnetic storms are strongest (when the swine flu outbreak occurred) and the body is most vulnerable to earth's geomagnetic energy, thus creating the perfect "hiding place" for executing the "illness". IT MUST BE STRESSED HERE, THESE FLUS AND ILLNESSS ARE NOT NATURAL THEY ARE BIO-MANUFACTURED. It is no coincidence that the new "Vaccine" appeared in October (right after the equinox), another time when earth's geomagnetic activity is at its highest.

The Above Speech by President Kennedy discusses mans fight / flight from enslavement and struggle for continued freedom and talks about this "shadow government"

If you don't want to take the vaccine (highly recommended) this combination is a great way to stop the starting effects of swine flu:
Honey, Apple Cider Vinegar and Garlic - when feeling swine flu coming on. You will feel it sooner or later.

As explained above, Dr Mercola explains it perfectly. High doses of Vitamin D3 kills the flu. The governments keep natural medicine very quiet because there is no money in it HE EXPLAINS THAT THE TOXIC SUBSTANCE MERCURY IS ABOVE SAFE LEVELS IN FLUE VACINNES. OTHER SUBSTANCES ARE ALUMINUM AND OTHER UNSAFE SUBSTANCES.

Here is a google search link where thousands of other people are also using the same remedy to defeat the "start" of swine flu:

The below article goes into more depth:

"The Center for Disease Control (CDC) officials are almost ready for their PR company to unleash a sophisticated, powerful H1N1 'swine flu' vaccine multimedia marketing campaign to dupe doctors and exploit society's most vulnerable through what social scientists call mind control that aims for behavior control.`"

And here is a google search link for swine flu vaccine and mind control:

The bottom line here there, we are in a time of both forces of light and darkness warring against each other for mankind's ultimate freedom right to remain free from
becoming a slave.

From the author of this website. Keep your immune system in strong shape and let your intuition, research and sound judgment guide you along the way.

Previous Page Date June 1st, 2009.
The CALCULATING CHEMTRAIL SPRAYING CALENDAR DAYS was updated with a more streamlined profile with the results of chemtrail spraying on June 1st.


Page Link:

What you will find on this page. Chapters Include:

Chemtrail Airports and Aircraft Assembly
Other chemtrail plane refueling, taking off/landing locations:
Chemtrails and Geomagnetic Activity
How to Detect Chemtrail Spraying in your Local Area. The Scientific Method
Locations of Genetic Engineering and Bio Technology and its possible misuse. A Special Report
Professional Chemtrail Researchers
Behavioral and Psychological Effects of Chemtrails. A Special Report
Chemtrails and Military Personal
Chemtrails and Stress
Chemtrail Cure, Resistance and ways to get rid of the effects of chemtrails
In depth Chemtrail Analysis and Summary

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Update: May 19th, 2009. Re-organized and simplified page. Due to last solar flare 4 days ago, chemtrail spraying has re-started in the Silicon Valley, CA again. While we know where the planes are taking off from, our last assignment is to find out where the mixing of these chemicals is occurring, who is doing the mixing and who is funding this operation. We will be starting with manufacturers, as well as those who manufacture the spraying equipment, computer equipment and than onto those mixing, preparing and uploading these chemicals into the aircraft. We expect this assignment to take approximately 3 to 6 months. After than the project will be complete, we will finally know. Their route, their schedule, where the planes take off from, and with a little luck, where, when and who is mixing the chemtrail formula(e), and delivering it to the aircraft for dispersion into our atmosphere.
As of March 11th, 2009, we know their aircraft types, and a rough spraying schedule. Next is to locate the hangers where these planes are kept (or they may be modified a few days/weeks beforehand), and than let the media do their part of the work.
We know heavy spraying days are on solar flare days and again days 4 through 8 after a solar flare.
We know they use the KC 135's large planes usually 3 at one time in the sky. So all we need to do now is find the base they are coming out of. When we have the base, we only need contact the local news station and do a "news raid" on the aircraft. If this is not possible, due to the planes being on Air Force Property, it would not be hard to access the air base as personnel (active duty, air force personnel etc., I have access as a Merchant Marine etc.). And find their hanger. We know that the "white planes" usually come out of local airports with commercial traffic, this means that public access to these planes would be made much easier, as the restricted areas would not be enforced or would be very lax if there were an "news raid". If local media refuses to cover this, than the Independent Media outlets would love a story such as this. Such as etc. The Local ABC NEWS affiliate would be the first ones to contact, as well as Alex Jones located at
Another observation. As I said I see people on a regular basis in my office and I noticed that people who work in carpet stores have a higher chemtrail infection behavior than other workplaces. This I believe is because if you walk into a carpet store you will see lots and lots of carpet samples hanging around. And because chemtrail fallout consists also of "fiber" type materials, it is possible the chemtrail fallout "latches onto" the carpet like velcro and sticks to it, causing a huge amount of chemtrail particles to gather in these stores over time. It would also make a perfect place to gather/research chemtrail fallout from days or even weeks ago. I only noticed this from people whose stores had a lot of airflow through them, big doors to where the airflow from outside came into their store.


Class Action Lawsuit Help For Filing Action for Chemtrail Spraying in your Community


Newspapers Exposing Chemtrail Spraying and their Biohazards and Dangers


Chemtrail Airports and Aircraft Assembly

McMinnville, Oregon is the headquarters for Evergreen Aviation
"the aircraft doing the spraying (if you live near McMinnville, these flat-white painted tanker planes are supposed to be operating from a base there)"

Evergreen is the only non-military airline that is stationed/allowed to fly out of ALL the DOD/Military regional bases."e=10655373

Evergreen, originally based in McMinnville, Oregon, expanded from a small helicopter in the 1960s "to a major international airline with secret government contracts" according to the Portland, Oregon Free Press. The Oregonian reported that "Evergreen Airline Company, Evergreen International Airlines, Inc., was built on remnants of two older airlines

The Chinese are rumored to have a contract at the McMinnville EVERGREEN AIR in Oregon, where the CIA has flown from for no less than 40 years.,+CIA&cd=8&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

Another location where chemtrail spraying could be originating, besides Groom Lake, is a small "airport" in Arizona where planes are modified to fight forest fires...Evergreen Maintenance Center Hangar that is in Marana, AZ. Commercial airlines, aircraft leasing companies, and leading government agencies entrust heavy maintenance work to Evergreen Maintenance Center. EMC is one of the largest full-service commercial maintenance, repair and overhaul facility in the United States. Pinal Airpark covers over 2,000 acres and has one runway. Marana became the headquarters of all CIA air operations during the Vietnam War years, when it was the primary facility of Intermountain Airlines/Airways/Aviation, CIA owned company which was used to supply covert operations in Southeast Asia and elsewhere Intermountain flew.

Knowing who is doing the spraying, it is just a simple matter of finding the terminals where the planes are taking off / refueling from. Now that we know their spraying schedule, it is just a matter of being at these terminals on the days they spray, and than we can conduct a "media news raid" at these locations. It is known that this contractor does re-fuel/fly out of the same terminals as fed-ex, ups. This is possibly where the white plane is coming from. Another item of interest is that Governor Jessie Ventura has just come out talking about how he was interrogated by the CIA when elected as governor. I've added the video below titled "Jesse Ventura and the Secret Government". I have also put the full page ad run in the Redding, CA newspaper about a possible class action suit against those responsible for the spraying. You can download it here

Quote from message board. "Every time we've driven by Evergreen Airfield near Tucson we've seen dozens of spewplanes on the ground and even though it's not technically a military airfield armed guards at the gates prevent the public from entering. My brother-in-law, who lives near Phoenix and sold fire extinguishers, was given a private tour of one of the big hangars in his job capacity and saw men fitting the big, unmarked white jets with spraying equipment.There's a spewplane assembly line at Mojave Airport, near Edwards AFB. Evergreen Airfield near Tucson. Evergreen Air is reputed to be a front company that belongs to the CIA."
Evergreen Aviation Link:"



Other chemtrail plane refueling, taking off/landing locations:

The Current Project is to locate where these plans are taking off from in Northern and Southern California (NOW COMPLETED). It is possible because there are so many observers now, that they are very careful and more discreet, than in most locations, so the same location where these planes take off from may change from time to time. Current information received includes:
Large scale chemtrail spraying use a larger airfield, and for lighter spraying, planes may come out of small rural airports functioning under a commercial cover. There has also got to be an aircraft maintenance/assembly modification at these airports to load the chemtrail ingredients onto the plane and to retrofit / modify these planes for heavy, light and other various forms of spraying , as not all spraying appears uniform. It may be that in the more rural areas, they are using civilian airports to refuel and re supply the aircraft. The planes may also have "fake" markings such as Spanish or English insignia, giving an impression of coming from different countries, but instead originate in the United States. Current sightings have spotted planes coming out of National Guard facilities, although probably not all National Guard facilities are responsible, it may be a mixture of commercial cover airports, plus possible military for heavier spraying. For other locations observers have seen some of these planes based in Canada.Here is another link for the Northeast at Stewart Air Force Base in Newburgh, NY. In General there are two main types, KC-135s and KC-10s (possibly used for heavy spraying ) and white, unmarked jets for light spraying.

Here are other articles from around the world where these plans are landing/refueling: Click link to go to each article

""famous white plane" landed and taxied to a cordoned off section of Rome's big international airport. "No one was allowed close for two or three days," "

Then we watch these planes laying the chemtrails and they do not come from either DM or the Airport. NOT EVEN CLOSE> They are white and unmarked. These started in 1999 or thereabouts in isolated areas.

We got there, and only saw a commercial plane on the tarmac. We waited and looked around until finally I saw a military plane moving onto the runway. This is very unusual because this time of day is normally reserved for commercial air traffic only. The plane was the size of a prop plane you might take from Ottawa to Toronto but it was Spanish military. It seemed to have two square-shaped nozzles on each wing.

Both USAF tankers have flown south out of Alaska. As Dickie, the kids and the controllers watch, the big jets began making patterns over Edmonton - "circuits" the controllers call it. Both Stratotankers are working alone in "commanded airspace" from which all other aircraft are excluded. And they are leaving chemtrails

"We see these guys up here a lot," radar techs told Dickie, explaining that the USAF tanker flights originate in Alaska and continue on into the States - after gridding the Edmonton area with emanations clearly visible on radar.

"You should have seen it when they had the big summit up in Calgary," the Canadian controllers exclaimed. "It was exciting to watch them." The G7 maneuvers suggested that barium might have been sprayed to enhance radio and radar surveillance over what protesters condemned as a "globalization" conference aimed at worldwide corporate domination.

several images of a plane which is clearly rigged for aerial chemtrail or biological spraying taxiing on the ground at an airport in Canada.

The airport is only 8 1/2 miles from here. I would never have guessed that such a big plane could have landed there! It's "out in the middle of nowhere". I wonder what's going on around here?

A couple days before our 'sprayday' I saw one KC135 after another come into Kent County International Airport to land. We don't see much military traffic around here and was intrigued. I was driving by at the time and got a real good look at one as it flew across the road directly in front of me on approach. Then, a day or two later, I watched jets make these chemtrail lines in the sky. They flew one after another in a staggered formation making rows like tractors planting crops in the field. They also made specific patterns in the sky near the main spray area (while spraying) and defied usual air traffic control rules - like flying side by side, or making huge X's and other odd patterns in the sky.

when Victoria airport authority Terry Stewart returned a call to a Victoria resident concerned about the X's and grid patterns being laid over the B.C. capitol.

Where I live the planes are white and unmarked, they take off from an airport located in the center of the city. Sometimes they pass over every 4 minutes, they do the X pattern as well



This info relates to the Silicon Valley, however it may/may not relate to your location.
Most chemtrails occur just before a solar flare, than they usually occur on the same day as the solar flare. And than finally days 4 through 8 after a solar flare. These are the same days the Solar Flux is at maximum levels and the Earth's Geomagnetic Field or KP Index is very high. Please note this is for the Silicon Valley Bay Area, and it may change according to geographic location or these may be universal tools for chemtrail forecasting, it's too early to tell. Just before a full moon is one of the periods chemtrails are sprayed.

There are 3 main spray periods>

1: Before/After a Solar Flare (flare forecasts are at the base of this page)
2: When the Solar Flux rises suddenly
3: And misc periods, such as a full moon, or after a low period of quiet solar wind when it is about to "rebound"

For Flare Forecasting go to Space Weather The text at the bottom of this page gives the dates.

Days 4 through 8 After a Solar Flare

For some reason days 4 through 8 after a major solar flare or CME Disturbance , as shown in the table above, bacteria seems to thrive and reaches a peak. It could be that the chemtrail spraying also is bacteria related and that on these special days, the chemicals in chemtrails somehow create a new type of bacteria or help grow it. If you look at historical texts you will find that on day 4 after a solar flare, there is more "life energy" in the air or energy that is related to spiritual and positive emotional advancement. It appears that chemtrail activity or "mind control" type activities are more prevalent during this special 4th day, to try and keep mankind "enslaved". This is a special day and if you do your research you will also find that this is the same day that christ rose from the dead. This is also a key day where there is usually a "spike" or peak in earth's geomagnetic field. Science is starting to show that when the geomagnetic field of the earth is disturbed, it affects the consciousness of human beings.

When there is a disturbance in the solar flux, there always seems to be chemtrails being sprayed. When there is a quiet solar flux, chemtrails do not seem to be sprayed, or a different mix may be used.

When there are higher values here chemtrails occur. This is most common
just before a solar flare emerges
Below is a snapshot for April 4th, 2009. Values went from 5 to 7's.On solar flare days these values are as high as 15 or more. This link when the 45-DAY AP FORECAST shows higher values chemtrail spraying usually occurs.
When there is a solar flare the solar flux is usually higher and spraying may also occur.

Forecasting Links:

Geomagnetic Forecasting
Look at the Planetary AP Index chart at bottom of page
Long Term:

Solar Flare Forecasting
Look at the forecast at bottom of page.

Mini Flares also have an effect, when the values increase at this link: it means there is heightened sunspot activity, and chemtrail spraying has been spotted 4 to 8 days after an increase in these values. Increased sun activity will be shown with numbers higher than 5.

Above is shown in increase in sun activity on March 4th, marked by an "8", usually the values are around 5. The U.S. Air Force forecasts this activity at this link as the 45-DAY AP FORECAST.

Solar Flux

KP Measurements

The next 2 pictures below are interesting (snapshot from spraying on June 1st, 2009). When the Solar Flux has a sharp increase spraying also begins. This type of spraying is on a worldwide basis and, when this occurs the Earth's Geomagnetic Energy is "leveled off" as shown at the picture afterwards.

This is a snapshot from June 1st of heavy chemtrail spraying the Solar Flux was high and Earth's Geomagnetic Energy was "leveled off" as a result of the worldwide spraying.

Chemtrail spraying in the Silicon Valley, California was medium today on April 4th, 2009. Values were higher here for April 3rd and 4th. On the 3rd spraying was not as intense, but very, very light

You can find the Archive here:

Other Times they Spray are when the solar wind "bounces". For some reason when this bounce occurs the tankers start their spraying. Here is a snapshot from this link of the solar wind.


This may also have something to do with cosmic rays.
When the cosmic rays reach high intensity, especially with more solar wind as they enter earth's atmosphere, there is a "push" through of energy, or an increase in "energy". This usually accompanies advancement of science,new ideas, increased perception and the like. There may be a link between the chemtrails trying to suppress this increased awareness that occurs at these natural cosmic ray peak periods.


Chemtrails and Geomagnetic Activity

Sometimes, but not always, when the Geomagnetic Activity of the earth is higher worldwide spraying occurs.
I just found this link with a wealth of research articles connecting the earth's geomagnetic field with human consciousness here.
We are starting to learn, when earth's geomagnetic field is disturbed or goes into a major "jump" or "spike", it creates a shift in human consciousness. This shift is also related to chemtrail spraying. Maybe the chemtrails are trying to alter man's consciousness as these "shifts" take place. But for what reason? Here is an example on February 4th, 2009. In our district in the Silicon Valley. Chemtrail spraying was very, very heavy.

Earth's Geomagnetic Activity was very, very disturbed on this date. Also known as the KP index, which you can find here.

And on this same day the Sun's Solar Flux also showed major activity.

Here is the KP for February 27th, 2009

Geomagnetic Forecasting
Look at the Planetary AP Index chart at bottom of page. There is also a new website that helps with future geomagnetic forecasting. They can be found here.

Because the solar cycles have a tendency to increase human emotions as well as create major changes in human growth and development, (the last one was in 1999 when the stock market peaked, and the internet revolution began). The next one is just starting now Dec 08 and will peak in 2012. It is possible those responsible for chemtrails are taking advantage of this cycle to profit from it and achieve world domination and human slavery over the human population.

Above Chart Courtesy of Link:

Here is a link where Haarp creates artificial geomagnetic disturbances in the earth's field:



The map below shows the planes turn around points after spraying the silicon valley. Just as these planes were about to turn around, they flew "into the sun" and than headed north again. The "markers" they left in the sky, if you were to look at them from Pismo Beach, CA they were directly in front of the sun, blinding viewers from the ground, but as you drove further north, you could see the "tail marker" that is visible in San Jose, on the southern horizon facing vertically in the sky. Now not all planes turned around at this junction point, some continued further south, however if you wanted to view the chemtrails in action, this is a perfect vantage point for viewing. So west from Bakersfield into Santa Maria and San Luis Obispo are the horizontal "line" these planes turn around and than head north to start spraying again. If you were to get a video camera and do a "Scout" mission just off the Interstate 5 Freeway in this location you can see the planes turn off their spray nozzles, than head into the sun, to become "invisible" head north and than start spraying again. Very Interesting to watch. The vantage point to watch this is marked on the map below. The chemtrail planes seem to be spraying heavily along the I5 corridor heading into Sacramento CA. I have put the GPS locations and turn around points on the map. Because they spray heavily along the 101 and I5 interstate freeways, I have also put "best viewing" point on the map.


How to Detect Chemtrail Spraying in your Local Area. The Scientific Method

When suspected Chemtrail Spraying is observed and photographed using a time and date stamp, it's a simple matter to look up the (NWS) National Weather Service upper air sounding data at,..... where the current as well as archived data is available to anyone who wishes to access it. Simply check the altitudes at which the suspected Chemtrail Spraying was being conducted against the corresponding altitudes of the upper air sounding data for temperature and humidity values. If they do not meet the 60% or better humidity or -40 C. temperature necessary for the formation of persistent contrails, then it becomes obvious that what you have is definitely not persistent contrails - but Chemtrail Spraying.

Chaff Chemtrails Animation by NWS Louisville Radar

How to Interpret Daily Upper Atmosphere Data for Detecting of Chemtrail Spray Operations

How to Detect Chemtrails

Atmospheric Soundings:

To see if chemtrails have been sprayed in your area, enter the term "chemtrails" into Google's Youtube, than sort by date, you will see more chemtrails during higher solar flux days posted on youtube. Thanks to all the people who are posting chemtrail spraying in their areas on Youtube. This makes a great analysis tool to measure against the solar flux parameters.

Please note, sometimes the National Weather Service will lie about cloudy / sunny days. If they forecast cloudy days, they will be clouds made by chemtrails and vice versa, this does not always happen, however it is done enough to confuse those researching this subject.

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __


Quick Chemtrail Chemical Analysis from

1. Aluminum barium
2. Aluminum Oxide
3. Bacilli and Molds

4. Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
5. Pseudomonas Florescens
6. Bacilli Amyloliquefaciens
7. Streptomyces
8. Enterobacteriaceae
9. Serratia Marcscens
10. Human white Blood Cells-A restrictor enzyme used in research labs to snip and combine DNA
11. Enterobacter Cloacal
12. Other Bacilli and other toxic molds capable of producing heart disease and meningitis as well as acute upper respiratory and gastrointestinal distress.
13. Carcinogen Zinc Cadmium Sulfide.

"After chemtrails lingered, spread, covered entire skies and fell, reports of illnesses increased substantially, such as persistent hacking coughs, upper respiratory and intestinal distress, pneumonia, fatigue, lethargy, dizziness, disorientation, headaches, aching joints and muscles, nosebleeds, diarrhea, bloody stools, depression, anxiety, loss of bladder control, and nervous tics. Much of it is reported as flu and everyone but a few know that much of it is poisons dropped over our heads, inhaled, absorbed through our skins, and consumed in our food."

Other observations when chemtrail activity has been sprayed during higher solar flux is "waves of hot and cold air" seem to circulate throughout the locale. Minutes or hours before a chemtrail spraying, people's consciousness in that locale becomes more "charged" and there seems to be an "excitation of consciousness. Like the mind/consciousness wants to open up and widen the thought processes as much as possible.

Effects I have felt.

On certain occasions, but not always, just before a heavy spraying, just before midnight, I have awoken with a suffocating effect. This ALWAYS OCCURS between midnight and 2 a.m., California Time.

When they have barium in their mix, I can feel it as an ache in my lower stomach just below the navel. Other chemtrail days, my nose will twitch and itch, even before I see the planes in the sky, so my body now tells me when they are spraying, and I don't even have to look up. I also can feel a distinct "ringing" or high pitched sound in the air after spraying. Like a microwave or other radio frequency is being activated along with the spraying. Others, including myself have felt "disruptive" energies when we think of chemtrails, possibly this is due to fear of ridicule and ignorance, when we tell others. This same disruptive fear seems to resemble that of the UFO subject

Another interesting fact is that Spiritual Healing's totally destroy any of the effects left behind by chemtrails, especially if a Spiritual Healing is conducted at the very start of the Earth's Long Term Geomagnetic Increase (or AP Index). Here is a link showing when earth's Geomagnetic Field for a long term rise occurs.

I don't know if this means anything, but in astrology there is one particular asteroid called Eros, and when it aligns at these angles:
13 & 14 degrees (alignment with the Galactic Center this is the midpoint earth will cross in 2012), just before 19.5 degrees, 24 or into towards 29 degrees, it seems that at these angles a type of "brainwashing" occurs with the populace, related to greed and excess.

You can find the angles here. Be sure to use the "Show Zodiacal Longitude" Feature.
Long Term:

___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________

Locations of Genetic Engineering and Bio Technology and its possible misuse. A Special Report

It has been observed that areas that are researching Genetic Engineering and Bio Technology, seem to have a higher than average incidence of Chemtrail Effects and Mind Control Type Behavior. Some of these locations are Ranked by Worst 1st, Danville, CA, Burlingame, Los Altos, CA, Berkeley, CA Sierra Madre, CA, Walnut Creek, CA, Sam Ramon, CA, Interestingly enough if you do a
search for these areas, you will come up with bio technology engineering labs, support/funding in these districts, here is one for example: It is my conclusion/analysis, that the people behind these bio engineering projects may have either directly or indirectly hidden agendas, motives not made known to the public and may be researching human cloning, trans species, Hybrid Cloning, animal hybrids, white race purification projects and other "dark projects". Engineers, owners, people who fund these projects and these organizations may likely have alliances with the NEW and/or hidden agenda and should be kept an eye on for possible misuse/abuse of Genetic Engineering and Bio Technology.

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________

Professional Chemtrail Researchers:

Dr. Staninger's Homepage

Chemtrails and Military Radar Testing

Chemtrail Analysis

Italian filmmakers to document chemtrails



Above Videos: Concerned Citizens starting to place ads in their newspapers about chemtrails. (good job!). 2nd Video Chemtrail Doctor Whistle Blower (DR,BILL DEAGLE). While some of Dr. Deagle's information may be disinfo, his resources and knowledge on the subject are very good.
Chemtrail Tanker showing Spraying On/Off Feature Mid flight One of the closest Chemtrail Videos Ever. A Passenger Airliner in Mid Flight, flies a few thousand yards from the Tanker Aircraft.

The lyrics of this song, as well as at the end of this video, you can see that the entire video is all about chemtrails. This was a very, very popular song which reached number one a few years ago.

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______

Behavioral and Psychological Effects of Chemtrails. A Special Report

Since 1996 when chemtrails began, the Y2K, Global Warming, Gasoline Prices, and now "the economy, and other "headlines" have amplified and accelerated people's fears more. This fear may be caused by the chemtrails to take advantage of people's fears and force those in power to make new laws and further empower the chemtrail agenda. Other effects from chemtrail fallout are are lethargic, sleepy, thoughts of lazyness. Keywords seem to evoke an emotional reaction. A thirst for Junk Food. Also the wind speed seems to increase after a few hours of chemtrails in the sky. Please note there are doctors and medical professionals "disguised" from some agency that are fully aware of the chemtrail sprayings and they work mainly in the smaller doctors offices and medical clinics. When people are admitted to an emergency room or visit their clinic, they are fully prepared to start studying the effects of the people admitted, because they have been informed of the chemtrails sprayings in advance. These people should not be trusted under any circumstances.

I see clients on a regular basis in my office and on some days the chemtrails seem to have a "dumbing down" effect on my clients when they walk in for their appointments. Most of all people become very sleepy and tired on some chemtrail spraying days. It's like they become "sedated", they start yawning like they are real tired. I have also noticed a reactionary occurrence when I speak to people from my heart they react more during a chemtrail spraying. You will also notice that pigeons and other types of birds are not as active and become more still and quiet on chemtrail spraying days.

Other behavioral attributes include:
Slowed or delayed reaction time and hesitation or significant lack of coordination skills. I have to talk slower and have more pauses in between my sentences when talking to people. I have also observed an effect that people seem to spend more time on a computer when chemtrails are sprayed. This could be due to the delayed reaction in their thinking. Emotional Attributes include: Denial & Ignorance on certain matters.

Chemtrails seem to have a variety of purposes, and they seem to disperse in a variety of visible patterns after spraying. Some chemtrails linger in the sky as "lines" or visible streaks. Other chemtrails seem to fan and spread out and cover the sky in a blanket of thick fog. Others seem to be invisible or have a very fine layer visible. It is also a fact that on very windy days, chemtrails seem to loose a lot of their effect, due to the strong winds, blowing them off course. Some of the purposes chemtrails are used for are, weather modification as well as over the horizon radar, but what about mind control of the human population?

Some days the chemtrails they spray are invisible, however you know when they have been spraying because in the late afternoon you will see a slight haze, especially if you use a mountain or other large land mass for contrast. You will see a brownish haze in the late afternoon. Usually on these chemtrail spraying days, people seem more docile and these sprayings occur usually around solar disruptions or flares. One sure way to see if chemtrails have been sprayed for the day is to look at the horizon at dusk or sunset. You will usually see a blood red sunset or the chemtrail streams will be more visible. In the area I live in (the silicon valley, california) when they have sprayed chemtrails, they lave a "tail" or a marker on the south horizon that is vertical.

I've also noticed those in certain occupational groups seem to have an immunity to the chemtrail effects. One of these is Auto Body workers, or those who work on fixing up damaged cars. I finally figured this out and it is that it is because these workers work in a sealed environment, (for detailing and repairing cars) and wear special protective masks that screen out dust particles. They also work with epoxy chemical resin, it is possible that wearing a mask keeps the chemtrail contaminants out and something in the epoxy resin may stop the DNA manipulation in the chemtrail mix from boding with the body's host. It is also because they are "creative" in that they are maximizing their creative potential in creating /repairing cars, so they are not sabotaged by the effects of chemtrails. The same effect seems to be with workers who paint cars and are in a sealed environment and also wear protective masks and work in an environment that has filtered air. Also I've noticed that when I work with epoxy resin (also known as Araldite), that when chemtrails are sprayed, the odor from the epoxy resin is lessened, and that my chemtrail immunity is strengthened. Also those that work in environments where UV lights are present. This is because the chemtrail particles are attracted to UV light and, as we all know UV light kills bacteria and viruses.

Those most susceptible to chemtrails effects are those who use religion, practice yoga or other methods of "escape". These people have no will of their own and don't seriously question the corporate agenda, etc, rather they serve and honor the corporate agendas purpose and actions. Some Chemtrails inflict Fear and Sabotage People's Creative Potential.

I also suspect that there are a select group of companies (possibly run by a covert agency) that provide air filtration systems that may have special air filtration screens that either "dumb down" the offices of the people working in them, or they provide a screen or filter from the chemtrail effects, when they install them in buildings and offices. These companies are probably some sort of CIA or secret government companies that do this.

The effects of the 10.7 cm Solar Flux on Human Behavior:


"Borderland Sciences has over the years done an extensive observation of the effects of solar activity on the general population with respect to
temperament modification. It has been empirically confirmed that SIDs (Sudden Ionospheric Disturbances), and Solar Flux Density increases have the particular effect of mania on the general populace, while low periods tend to display a tendency toward depression."

Here is another link by the International Psychiatry Congress
Is it possible that nano technology "comes alive" during these special periods?

Another connection to Canada:
10.7cm Radio Flux values are measured in Penticton, B.C. Canada
Solar Flux Archives:

There is a link between the metal TItanium and Chemtrail Effects. Whether the TItanium is acting as an antenna to re-broadcast the frequencies or as a blocker, we still do not know. But TItanium is starting to play a role in this chemtrail program. Only further research will tell us for sure.

Article 1: "The handful of cosmetics that contain them, such as clear sunscreens that use nano-scale titanium dioxide particles to shield the skin from ultra-violet sunlight"

Article 2: "This nanotube radio is over 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 times smaller than the Philco vacuum tube radio from the 1930s."

Article 3: Surface Plasmonic Maskless Nanolithography using an Optical Antenna

Article 4: "The military likes to see what information passes on line of sight phone systems. The method for doing this uses microwave techniques for isolators and use special compounds of barium, titanium, and iron sprayed into the microwave paths."

"The synthetic fibers do not have central cores, which are commonly seen in cilia and natural fibers. Scattered black granules may be seen within the synthetic material, resulting from titanium, barium, and zinc used in processing."

Article 5: "The synthetic fibers do not have central cores, which are commonly seen in cilia and natural fibers. Scattered black granules may be seen within the synthetic material, resulting from titanium, barium, and zinc used in processing"

If this is true, lead was removed from household paint a few years ago and replaced with Titanium. If the Titanium is acting as an antenna/amplifier, than remote television/radio signals could be amplified to create mind mapping/programming or to generate Morgellons Disease, a possible link to chemtrails. However, this is still only a theory and further testing will have to be done to prove/disprove this.

Quote from Conspiracy Planet:

"The satellites download holographic mind control movies, pictures, sounds, and sensations to people through this technology. The Air Force has stated in "Air Force 2025" that their goal is to develop virtual and augmented reality mind control. Depending on the how the computer is programmed or depending on the mood or intent of the person interfacing with the technology, you can be probed, bothered, gaslighted, frightened, manipulated, electronically raped, or tortured. It scans your brain frequencies and deciphers your thoughts. The satellites track you by mapping your bio energetic signature [body biometrics] and constantly scanning an area to find you." Link: l.cfm?channelid=42&contentid=5053&page=2

Atmospheric Electrochemical Mind Control Related to Solar Flux Levels. _mind_weather_control.htm

Atmospheric Electrochemical Mind Control Related to Solar Flux Levels.

Because some allergies can be cured using the Emotional Freedom Technique, is it possible that the chemtrails are causing allergies related to bioengineering Human Emotions? If this is so, it means that some of the chemtrails effects can be counter measured by using the Emotional Freedom Technique to heal the allergies. The allergies could also be a blockage occurring in the persons bio-emotional electrical system of their body, suppressing emotions being engineered by chemtrail technology. More research is needed to finalize this link.

Because newspapers are printed with soy ink, soy is the main culture medium scientists use to grow their bacteria in petri dishes. If the chemtrails are bacteria related, than working with soy ink could greatly synergize the chemtrail effects.

Have you noticed that the national weather service seems to forecast "clear blue skies" and there are usually no chemtrails sprayed on these days. And on "cloudy" days sometimes there is massive chemtrail spraying that occurs. Research shows that the national weather service knows what is going on and is possibly participating in the chemtrail spraying program. Here are some links that show more information.

"6,506,148" may be typed. That leads to a description of a new technology patent, which allows manipulation of the human central nervous system via broadcast television signal",

There exists an air force with its own rules, its own technology and its own agenda, which even overrides our president. This "secret" government has been around since ancient times. The earth is a living organism, responding to thoughts and human behavior. There is manipulation of mans thoughts, behavior and actions with an agenda to keep man in the dark, in fear of realizing his/her true potential. Chemtrails are just one method to keep man / women fearful and in the dark. Technology is also being used to enslave man / woman rather then free him/her. Technology is used as a "lure", to keep man distracted, as a magic show magician uses to fool his audience. Technology as well as chemtrails are trying to keep the different races of man/woman separate from each other as well as fighting against each other, so as to keep man/woman "in the dark" and not realizing that our true potential is to travel beyond the stars and explore our universe as peaceful beings. Until we can learn to understand the forces that are binding us, only than will technology emerge as a leader and healer, rather than as an en-slaver and fear generating mechanism. The good news is these manipulators are on their last legs and have already seen substantial "dents" in their agenda, thankfully due to people "waking up" from the dreamlike state they have chosen to remain in. It is only when we realize they are trying to keep us apart and fearful that we have already won. Their rule for thousands of years (about 5,000) is coming to an end and a new more beautiful era is emerging.

___________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________

Chemtrails and Military Personal

What if our military personal were given injections that respond to the chemtrail substances to make them obey to help support the upcoming NOrth American Union? Just think about it, the military and most government are against the North American Union, however, considering chemtrails dumb down the population, what if the population resists the upcoming North American Union, and our military personal are "brainwashed" via chemtrails and injections that provide a brainwashing consciousness to shoot and put members of the population opposed to the North American Union into concentration camps? Just think how these troops will feel when they return from overseas, knowing they fought a "fake war" and that they have to live with those emotions.

It is my theory, that chemtrails are attempting to take away mans true freedoms and freewill by poisoning his intuitive and creative abilities. This is being done by launching a campaign of fear, ignorance and arrogance, through not only the educational system, but the mass media, churches and fear and terror campaigns. They also promote unnecessary fear. Keep man from seeing what is really there and ignoring his true potential. Chemtrails promote "reliance" on the system, rather than self initiated problem solving and personal responsibility for ones actions and behavior. Chemtrails promote racial and economic separation and promote this, as can be seen in "all black" and "all white" neighborhoods. There has been no serious scientific paper describing chemtrails and its effects on the human population. Why? This is because of the fact that how many people who are scientists have stood up for the rights of others?, or looked out for the public over the long term? It is the responsibility of the scientific community to start studying and publishing reports chemtrails are having on the human population, rather then just running from the issue. Stand up and have courage for what is going on. Be the first to be a true hero for the good of humankind and show the facts, figures and inform the public.

Chemtrails and Stress

Those of you familiar with solar physics, know that as Earth's geomagnetic field in the south polar region opens up during a flare or other sun disruption, (which is measured in BZ. This energy from the sun puts stress on the earth. When people become "Stressed", the effects on the human body are the same. Either these special cells in our body open up to fuel our creativity and potential when we are stressed, or if the person has been recently exposed to chemtrails, they activate the chemtrail ingredients. It is possible that our pineal gland, when stressed secretes chemicals that nurture and bring forth development of our true potential and chemtrails block this passage. Or maybe the DNA Host needs an electromagnetic charge to "push" it to activate. If a person works at a computer all day, or wears a cell phone, and than becomes frustrated and chemtrails are being sprayed, the electromagnetism from their computer or cell phone, could be just the trigger to trigger the persons DNA to create mind altering chemicals or fulfill a mind control agenda. Another possible scenario is the media prints certain stories with keywords embedded in them, when the person reads that keyword in the story, the persons DNA activates or triggers, if that person was exposed to chemtrail fallout the last few days.

This stress already occurs naturally where creative power is strongest. One example is the los angeles international airport, next to it you have Raytheon Radar, Lockheed Martin, the hilton hotel (holds many conventions and seminars), and other areas where creative expression and potential are released. Remember when the earth is stressed during a flare outbreak, it lets energies in, a person is the same way, when they are stressed, a chemical reaction also takes place. The question is, is someone or something controlling this reaction to manipulate mankind?

Another danger is that the ingredients in chemtrails could be activated by microwave, television signals or other RF Frequency, to "create" a virus. This may or may not be the reason for Morgellons Disease starting to appear in the human population.

FEAR is a key factor here, and it is through fear that we open ourselves up to control. Fear is the frequency which registers most with our fourth and fifth dimensional manipulators, and allows our auras, our protective shields, to be breached, leaving us open to their Light-sucking, energy-sucking control. When you see strips of chemtrails on the horizon, and at odd angles in the sky, than you know that these one time only strips are meant to induce fear and ignorance for those that are learning the truth.

Symptoms can include dizziness, fatigue, short term memory loss/ difficulty thinking, thoughts of "reliance on the system" or "Don't challenge or question the corporate agenda, instead rely on it's "security and comfort of a paycheck". Also keywords may also buzz or occur in your head. Recent Keywords (as of November) Black, Insecurity, fear, sustainable development, Not enough accomplished in life etc. These keywords seem to change with each spraying. Other effects include: depression, sinus problems, chest congestion, and a general soreness in all your muscles.

Other Effects: Living in an artificially induced illusion set up by some covert group. Reliance on a built up system, rather than belief in oneself, Mass Insecurity, Cause people to loose confidence in themselves, fear of their potential, Fear, Lack, Lack of Faith. Personal Frustration. Mass Denial and Ignorance on certain topics and subjects, failure to speak openly about the truth of certain topics.

Lack of or less energy. Less energy for courage. Fear, Apathy, Giving up, Dizzy Spells, Birds will become more tired, less active and less energy. DEINAL, IGNORANCE are some of the major emotional feelings. Social Isolation & Segregation over certain subjects.

A Quote from

"Putting all this information together Michael and I one day hit upon what we believe is the real purpose of the chemtrails. It is mind control. It is done by delivering a high level of metals to all the people of earth. The aim is to turn each one of us into a walking antenna. Human beings are electrical in nature. In addition to our complex electrical makeup, we have an energetic side as well. Our meridians and chakras are only the most basic component of this hidden side. This energetic side is very sensitive to electro magnetic and scalar magnetic signals reaching into the terrahertz band. Saturating humans with metallic compounds makes them more sensitive to man made signals in these ranges. Much research has been conducted and many patents have been awarded relating to remote influence, electromagnetic telepathy and mind control."

Author's Note: When you do a chakra balancing after a heavy chemtrail spraying, your creative potential improves greatly and you can see the contrast between a chemtrail spraying and how your creative potential is limited when chemtrails are sprayed. Not all chemtrails cause this disturbance, because some chemtrails are for military radar and weather modification.

It's possible there is a link between the frequency emitted by a computer monitor and the chemtrails, thus those 2 combining to create a frequency carrier wave thus affecting human consciousness or manipulating human dna as they stare at a computer monitor screen.

Also an interesting effect after a spraying is a persons state of thinking and thoughts appear to take on an accelerated pattern. This could be caused by a blockage in the persons receptive system, trying to compensate for the negative effects of chemtrails.

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Chemtrail Cure, Resistance and ways to get rid of the effects of chemtrails

How to combat the effects of chemtrails that are affecting your health, your consciousness and your future potential to life free.

Apples and Chemtrails
by Peter Farley

Chemtrail Cures and Resistance:

Colloidal Silver
Make Your Own Colloidal Silver;read= 4693

High Fiber Foods,8122,455943,00.html

Aspartame Poison & Detox

More Chemtrail Remedies

I have also devised a special "frequency" that if listened to also destroys the brainwave "entrainment" that accompanies chemtrails. It is in WMA format and I listen to it while driving or when outdoors and a large spraying has occurred. It can be downloaded here: I call it the "luck" frequency, because when a chemtrail spray occurs, I am lucky enough to be free of its effects. After listening to this you will feel an effect in your thought patterns. Try listening to it during a chemtrail spraying and than after and you will see what I mean. When you play this in your car in traffic on heavy chemtrail days, you "zip" through traffic like it was standing still. It is a very, very interesting effect and shows the effects of possible RF frequency used in chemtrail spraying, and how this frequency exposes that.

After interviewing others about how they inoculate themselves against chemtrails, they use countermeasures (the ones shown below) as soon as spraying starts, than after getting over this "hump" or sleepiness caused by the chemtrails, the effects from the chemtrails are lessened or reduced altogether. Because chemtrails cause chemical changes in the body, a chakra balancing can rid the body of these chemical changes, especially after a very hard spraying. Chakra balancing's also cause beneficial chemical changes in the body and are closely related to our creativity and how we create things in our life. For those who meditate, doing a chakra meditation after a heavy spraying you can feel your creativity greatly increase and become accelerated.

"Energy moves through the chakras to produce different psychic states. Modern biological science explains this as the chemical changes produced by the endocrine glands, ductless glands whose secretions mix into0 the body's bloodstream directly and instantaneously." Link

Since 1996 when chemtrails began, the Y2K, Terror, and other "headlines" have amplified and accelerated people's fears more. This fear may be caused by the chemtrails to force those in power to make new laws by taking advantage of people's fears and further empowering the chemtrail agenda. By introducing into your life No Fear, Chakra Balancing, Awareness, and Detoxing of your body the effects from chemtrails fade away or don't affect you. There are many methods to eliminate or reduce your fears, grow your awareness and detoxify your body.

From Barium, Chemtrails, & Immuno-suppression By Bob Lee:

"There is no question about the effect of barium exposure, i.e., barium will interfere with T-cell activation - barium will interfere with natural immune system functioning.

"If the research concerning the particulate matter in rainwater collected in areas where chemtrail activity is high continues to yield barium, we may have a first understanding of the purpose of chemtrail spraying, i.e., to directly impact the T-cell systems of the humans beneath the chemtrail targets. Therefore, in the continuing science of study of chemtrails it is imperative that measurements of the health of the population beneath the targeted areas be monitored. As barium blocks T-cells activation, i.e., weakening the immune system, we should expect to see statistically significant increases in various diseases which might normally be minimally occurring in a population with a fully activated immune system. It is therefore important to seek out physicians, nurses, and other medical authorities in chemtrail spray areas who may then report on the incidence of disease. If barium is, indeed, a significant particulate in 'chemtrail' sprayings it is hypothesized that, upon a few days after a spraying, there would be an increased number of the population seeking medical assistance."

*This explanation makes more and more sense of the importance the Spiritual Hierarchy place on the use of pure unfiltered apple juice or apple pectin in our daily lives in a list of chemtrail immunity products we need in our diet to deal with future situations:


"Apple pectin helps remove radiation from the system it is available in bottles at most health food stores, flavored or unflavored. If one wishes simply to consume a lot of apples or raw, unfiltered apple juice, these are also viable alternatives.

"Apple Pectin is a source of water soluble fiber which has a gel-forming effect when mixed with water. As a dietary fiber, Apple Pectin is helpful in maintaining good digestive health. Pectin is defined as any of a group of white, amorphous, complex carbohydrates that occurs in ripe fruits and certain vegetables. Fruits rich in Pectin are the peach, apple, currant, and plum. Protopectin, present in unripe fruits, is converted to Pectin as the fruit ripens. Pectin forms a colloidal solution in water and gels on cooling. When fruits are cooked with the correct amount of sugar, and when the acidity is optimum and the amount of Pectin present is sufficient, jams and jellies can be made. In overripe fruits, the Pectin becomes pectic acid, which does not form jelly with sugar solutions. An indigestible, soluble fiber, Pectin is a general intestinal regulator that is used in many medicinal preparations, especially as an anti-diarrhea agent. Our ancestors believed that old proverb "An apple a day keeps the doctor away". Today, nutritional scientists research for evidences that verify how Apples are good for our health. Apples are rich in pectin, a soluble fiber, which is effective in lowering cholesterol levels. Apples work in any form (raw fruit or powder or juice) to maintain good cardiovascular health. Researchers at the University of California, Davis, found that Apple Pectin acts as an antioxidant against the damaging portion of cholesterol in the blood stream. Many researchers suggest that people who eat fatty foods should, if possible, wash down this food with apple juice rather than the usual drink.

"Researchers have found that raw Apples are the richest of fruits in pectin, with the Jonagold variety of Apple leading other varieties. A diet of low fiber, high fat, and animal protein appears to be the leading cause of death in many people. It has been established that a diet rich in Apple Pectin can protect against these diseases. Research in Japan has found that Apple Pectin can also decrease the chances of colon cancer. Apple Pectin helps maintain intestinal balance by cleansing the intestinal tract with its soluble and insoluble fibers. Apple Pectin tends to increase acidity in the large intestines, and is advocated for those suffering from ulcer or colitis, and for regulating blood pressure. Pectin is also effective in causing regressions in, and preventing, gallstones. There is also evidence that the regular use of Apple Pectin may lessen the severity of diabetes. Along these lines, it has been suggested that fiber-depleted diets actually help cause diabetes mellitus. Other studies have shown that the regular consumption of Apple Pectin could lead to permanent reductions in insulin requirements (to prevent the possibility of insulin overdose, diabetics should make their physician aware of the dietary change). --from Lesson #10 Ten Recommendations for Staying Healthy in Chaotic Times by Peter Farley

'Fresh' Royal Jelly (or the small inexpensive phials of Chinese Bee Pollen and Royal Jelly)

Kamut Something I believe to do with the fact that it contains more lipids and fatty acids than regular wheat as well as being more easily digestible.

And any alkaline-balancing foods --particularly cabbage and such products as Inner Light Supergreens. I have seen a number of people whose health preoccupation is the acid-alkaline balance of the body but was more than impressed by the way they were able to fight off many of the health problems, alien energy forms etc which threaten most other people's health.

Vitamins also contain higher than normal levels of metals over the last few years. If you take vitamins that are loaded with metals, you only amplify the chemtrails effect.

Another way is to add cilantro to your body as this helps your body to excrete metals. Another way is intestinal detoxification. Also drink lots of apple juice and eat lots of apples within 12 hrs of a chemtrail spraying.

Probably the very best method to remove metals from the body is by EDTA chelation therapy. Chelation works by EDTA (an amino acid) binding to the heavy metal molecule and being excreted by the body. It is a safe, effective, medically approved process to treat heavy metal poisoning.

Most all of you know how to obtain and grow this.

Inner light supergreens. For those of you who can't manage the time or don't want to, Inner light Supergreens ( or a similar product sounds like a very good choice for your preparedness as well as your routine health maintenance supplies . . .


A formula to gargle and then swallow:

¼ tspn baking soda

¼ tspn sea salt

1/8 tspn cream of tartar

Mix in a few ounces of 'good' warm water, gargle and then swallow after prolonged exposure or before bedtime.

A glass of red or white wine before bedtime or after prolonged exposure (wince contains tartaric acid from which cream of tartar is made)

If nothing else is available . . . yes, ice cream! The mucous formed by the ice cream in the body helps surround and pass the chemtrail ingredients through the lower intestinal tract where they would normally build up and cause gastrointestinal toxicity.

Unfortunately, when you have already come down with the dry cough and associated bronchial or respiratory troubles, something stronger is needed. The following are the three things, when taken one after the other (in sequence) will help deal with and eventually alleviate the problem. My experience is relief was within 15-20 minutes. The combination should be taken at least three times a day until symptoms disappear.

1. Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) tincture – HerbPharm make one of the best. ( Melissa (Melissa officinalis) has a light, fresh, lemony scent that is strengthening to the immune system and revitalizing, yet soothing and calming. It was an important ingredient in Carmelite water (distilled in France since 1611 by members of the Carmelite Order).

2. Grape Seed Extract – Nature's Plus Grape Seed tincture is the one Guidance recommends most highly. (

3. Pomegranate seed oil (Punica Granatum) - It takes about 500 lbs of fresh pomegranates to produce 1 lb of pomegranate seed oil. Pomegranate seed oil is one of the only plant sources of conjugated fatty acids. Punicic acid is a compound closely related to conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). Punicic acid in pomegranate seed oil, has been called a "super CLA", whose effect is even more potent than ordinary CLA.

Pomegranate concentrate or pomegranate jelly, etc are all worthy substitutes to assist the problem when the seed oil is not available but are not as concentrated in the vital ingredients nor as effective.

Some suggested sources and reading on pomegranate seed oil:


Mix this into a 2oz or 3oz sprayer and spray in your car, and roll up your windows if chemtrails have occurred.

15 drops of citronella (used in perfumes a lot)
3 drops of pine
4 drops of tea tree
25 drops of lemongrass

After spraying the above essential oil mix, breathe in an hold the mist in your lungs for 5 seconds, and you will feel the effect of the chemtrails dissipate.

You can also mix a batch of 60% isopropyl rubbing alcohol and 40% water and spray your living area just before and after a chemtrail spraying to kill the microbes created from spraying.

Another great way to combat the effects of chemtrails, as well as make the public more aware.
O open a series of cafes called "chemtrail cafes" and only serve foods that combat the effects of chemtrails, ice cream, apple smoothies etc. These would do especially well in cities the public awareness about chemtrails is strong such as Austrin Tex, and L.A.

The key element to chemtrail immunity is keeping your immune system as strong and as fit as possible. As some sprayings are directly attacking our immune systems.


In depth Chemtrail Analysis and Summary

To see how the chemtrails are manipulating both out health and our genetic makeup, we have to take a look at the contents of samples taken after chemtrail spraying. These ingredients have been obtained from the many analyses performed upon chemtrail residue samples and listed on the web:

Pseudomonas aeruginosa - A common hardy bacteria that can be found in dirt. This could suggest possible contamination of chemtrail ground samples but also perhaps not considering that it is commonly genetically engineered by companies as PathoGenesis for various purposes. The natural strains have been found to contaminate hospitals and drinking water. When inhaled into immunosuppressed lungs such as those of victims with cystic fibrosis, it forms slime clusters called biofilms which are virtual bunkers against immune system defenses and antibiotics. It can transfer horizontally, meaning between species, genetic information to the host via transduction and conjugation. Conjugation involves the bacteria injecting a genetic package called a plasmid via a 'handshake' into a host cell, which receives it and in effect makes it a part of its own DNA. Transduction is similar, but instead of the bacteria sending a plasmid into the host, it sends bacteriophages (viruses) that contain some of the original bacteria's DNA and implants it within the host's DNA. This allows for genetic manipulation to occur.

It is very possible that some of our body's DNA is changed or modified at the onset of a stress episode. Example, after the chemtrails chemicals are in the body, and the person has a stress episode, the particular instructions are than activated, thus modifying human behavior, thought and/or emotion.

Aerosol Barium salts such as were used in Libya, Panama and Desert Storm where they were sprayed and exploded overhead to make the people extremely sick and weak. It s a radioactive material that accelerates and magnifies the effects of other mix ingredients by altering the chemical structure of the other agents. A spectrum analysis reveals only the barium compounds and hides the "bad stuff" by placing a shell around it. After time, it releases the other agent. Think of it as a time release death pill.

Ethylene dibromide (dibromethane) - Banned in 1984 by the EPA, EDB (C2H4Br2) is a carcinogenic fuel additive and insecticide with a chloroform-like odor. It is claimed to be similar to silver iodide, which was once used for cloud seeding and weather modification purposes. When absorbed, EDB causes central nervous system depression and pulmonary edema, which is fluid accumulation in the lungs. Symptoms of pulmonary edema include shortness of breath, anxiety, wheezing, and coughing. It is extremely irritant to mucous membranes and to the respiratory tract. These are all symptoms associated with the "chemtrail cough," and with the growing lethargy noticed in populated areas both here and around the world where spraying is taking place. If anything, EDB serves partly as a condensation nuclei around which water vapor in the atmosphere can condense, making thick chemtrails visible for satellite tracking.

Pseudomonas fluorescens - another strain of the Pseudomonas variety found most often in soil and on plants. On plants, it produces antibiotics which shield the plant from fungal and bacterial infections. Most likely a contaminant in the analysis.

Enterobacteriaceae - Includes E.coli and salmonella which are culprits in cases of food poisoning. Most interesting of the Enterobacteriaceae family is the Klebsiella genus, whose species is responsible for pneumonia infections (enough said).

Serratia marcescens - a dangerous pathogen that can cause pneumonia.

Streptomyces - "Streptomycetes are used to produce the majority of antibiotics applied in human and veterinary medicine and agriculture, as well as anti-parasitic agents, herbicides, pharmacologically active metabolites (e.g. immuno-suppressants)"

A restriction enzyme used in research labs to snip and combine DNA—such an enzyme cleaves open DNA and allows desired segments to be inserted before recombining.

Other bacteria and toxic molds capable of producing heart disease, encephalitis, and meningitis—of which there are renewed outbreaks, especially in heavily sprayed cities such as Houston—as well as acute upper respiratory and gastrointestinal distress. My symptoms from chemtrail fallout has always been a sore/aching lower feeling, just below my navel area.

It is known that within three days of a particular heavy spraying, outbreaks of respiratory illnesses occur in the exposed population. Some develop pneumonia, others colds, flu-like symptoms, and depressed immune functions. Instances of meningitis and encephalitis have also increased in correlation with sprayings.

Note that no viruses are listed above. This is because viruses are difficult to detect in the laboratory, much less identify. However, most of the resulting illnesses do not respond to antibiotics, suggesting their causes are indeed viral. Such viruses are most likely retroviruses such as the adenovirus for use in the genetic manipulation.

Chemtrails now appear worldwide, though it has been claimed that none have been sighted in China. The Chinese influence on the Clinton presidency has been well established, not to mention the increasing dependence so many countries now have on China for both their manufactured goods and as a source of cheap labor. U.S. military and scientific technology has been freely given to China under much protest in spite of its aggressive stance towards this country. The New World Order seems to have made China into a new power base for capitalism since the death of its infamous Communist leader, Mao Tse Tung.

Although chemtrails in foreign countries may be due to planes originating from the US, or from US military bases in those countries, the heaviness of spraying there suggests that foreign governments and commercial agencies are also heavily involved.



Quote from Dr. Richard Boylan:

"The New Society will be based on extended-family dynamics. Oddly enough, there are some people who do not want this Transition to occur. And some of these are extremely powerful and enormously-wealthy persons, who form a coordinated Cabal, who are desperately seeking to slow down this Transition, and even stop it if possible. One of their tools is sabotage. " Link: d-light-workers.html

Study of Chemtrail Cloud Formations Types and Layouts. Many Photographs and Studies.

Chemtrail Stamps issued by the United States Post Office

"Phase One main objective: Creative cleavages in spatial perceptions. Creating blockage in the brain of the interaction of various amino acids that relate to higher consciousness and the increase of dopamine in the brain producing a listless, euphoric state of lower, reactive mind. (Thereby trapping us in the third dimension-the choice of the lower plane energy as talked about in my previous article on Choice.) To understand this objective necessitates an understanding of the human Soul, the spiritual Self and the connection between the two as related to the endocrine system functioning within each human host, and remembering what has been said about our immune and endocrine systems showing the most evidence of these changes-these seeming to be the most important targets of the chemtrail's ingredients. The endocrine system is the group of specialized organs and body tissues that produce, store, and secrete chemical substances known as hormones. As the body's chemical messengers, hormones transfer information and instructions from one set of cells to another. Because of the hormones they produce, endocrine organs have a great deal of influence over the body. Among their many jobs are regulating the body's growth and development, controlling the function of various tissues, supporting pregnancy and other reproductive functions, and regulating metabolism.
Endocrine organs are sometimes called ductless glands because they have no ducts connecting them to specific body parts. The hormones they secrete are released directly into the bloodstream. The primary glands comprising the endocrine system are the hypothalamus,pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, pineal body, and reproductive glands-the ovary and testis. The pancreas, an organ often associated with the digestive system, is also considered part of the endocrine system.

For some of you that are writers etc., we all know that information that we receive when we write flows more freely at certain times, it seems that because we humans act as antennas, information comes through more strongly sometimes more than others and that when chemtrails are sprayed the information that a writer receives "blocked" or delayed by the chemicals in the chemtrails. So another possible factor is that chemtrails are sprayed when this information flow is strongest amongst those who write or distribute information. A form of "dumbing down" by those who are responsible for dispersing chemtrails.

The hypothalamus, found deep within the brain, directly controls the pituitary gland (also known to be the source of psychic vision or what spiritualists call "the third eye," that which sees inter-dimensionally). It is sometimes described as the coordinator of the endocrine system. When information reaching the brain indicates that changes are needed somewhere in the body, nerve cells in the hypothalamus secrete body chemicals that either stimulate or suppress hormone secretions from the pituitary gland. Acting as liaison between the brain and the pituitary gland, the hypothalamus is the primary link between the endocrine and nervous systems (remembering that viruses commonly travel through the nervous system). If changes are to take place in the body, then this system is also the guardian over those changes as well as being the director of them. To genetically manipulate mankind through the ingredients in the chemtrails, one must first suppress the endocrine system, and second, the natural defenses of the immune system-the two most directly targeted areas of chemtrail spraying. The e-mails go on to say that the goals of the chemtrails are to make "the overall "frequency" of each of their charges (human beings in each country) to function at a specific rate below the threshold of awareness. The study of brain-wave, remote viewing techniques, and other related research holds the key to this. As we know, a physical brain functioning at 12 to 14 cycles per second is agitated and cannot, therefore, become perceptive of any cycle not within the same frequency, especially if that BRAIN IS ARTIFICIALLY stabilized to that frequency. How can one perceive love, when the brain can only register impatience, anger, etc?"

When you go to the doctor or any place that accepts blood, this "secret government" is analyzing the contents of your blood for the results from chemtrails to see how the chemtrails are performing. There are also "tracer" cars on the ground that collect and analyze the fallout from chemtrails. Also the weather stations for the weather reports are sometimes adjusted for chemtrail spraying activity in advance. Also after a spraying radio frequency (possible in the cellular phone or television spectrum) broadcasts possible mind control. There is also evidence that suppression of the 3rd eye chakra or "intuitive" abilities for humans are purposely being suppressed. The psychological community have you noticed is "medicating" the problems, rather than getting to the source or cause of the problem, thus creating large groups of "medicated zombies".

Governor Jesse Ventura speaks out about his encounter with the "secret government"

The physical effects of the human person are also noticeable. After chemtrail sprayings, the number of hospitalizations for things like respiratory illnesses increase. There is a metallic taste/smell in the air, which can be quite noticeable when doing strenuous activities that require a lot of oxygen. Both me and a friend notice this metallic taste in our mouths when we run, during or after heavy-spray days. It's not present at any other time, just on those days. It's hard to breath after these sprayings. Some people report being feverish, or having asthmatic-like symptoms.

In light of Aristotle's wisdom and the fact that the New World Order is in fact stifling any attempts by truly spiritual people to raise their heads above the water financially, the challenge was to come up with a cure for the rampant effects of chemtrail spraying all over the world. Simply put, the whole thing is a battle between the Darkness and the Light (in its true form from the Creator or Source, not the Light which is also that of Lucifer) for the ultimate control of the Universe. If this sounds like you are living in another episode of the Star Wars series, welcome to reality and the biggest thing going on in Creation right now. This bigger war which is raging in the macrocosm of the Universe is also raging within each and every one of us, also called the microcosm. And the chemtrails can be a fearful weapon in this war, as long as we remain in the victim state of consciousness. The New Society will be based on extended-family dynamics. Oddly enough, there are some people who do not want this Transition to occur. And some of these are extremely powerful and enormously-wealthy persons, who form a coordinated Cabal, who are desperately seeking to slow down this Transition, and even stop it if possible. One of their tools is sabotage. If they can sabotage the bodies and consciousness of the Transition-helpers, the "light-workers", then the Cabal can buy time, and even hope to keep Earth anchored in its current third-dimensional existence, with all the cruder attributes that currently go along with that existence. In other words, more time to rule over and expand their global "empire" (their hold on Earth). The affect of Chemtrail poisons on "light-workers" may not be much different than on other persons - lung irritation or infection, reduced energy, malaise, etc. It is safe to say that light-workers cannot work as effectively or as consistently under such chemical bombardment. And a number of these chemicals accumulate in human tissue with repeated exposure.

The ultimate purpose of the chemtrails can be seen in the most ubiquitous of symbols seen everywhere in the trails left behind over so many cities—the X. The X is meant to inflict FEAR. As one researcher discovered while researching the source of the X rune (Gebo) in the original Teutonic texts, it literally means a gift, or offering—the symbolic meaning being "sacrifice of the lower for the higher." Certainly that is a familiar theme in the ways of the Illuminati here on planet Earth. All the true knowledge of Creation is withheld from us, the lower, and our lives and very existence here on the planet are sacrificed in service to those who deem themselves the higher and therefore more worthy to retain this cosmic wisdom.

Witness the the methodic demise of the Natural Earth in the name of Commerce and Control, big Corporate and a hideous form of Socialism via the Military Industrial Complex. The technologies identified in ChemTrails are crude, poisonous and lethal. The bankrupt independent Farmer of the United States and Canada never knew that the Drought that had-no-end and destroyed their businesses was actually contrived. Seems though, all their properties were purchased for pennies-on-the-dollar by either International Farming interests or International Grain- Farming interests and all that is grown and harvested on these farms are genetically mutated grains and foodstuff, most likely with a Monsanto Patented Product. These farms do not take USDA Subsidies either. Well, that's good for the US Taxpayer, right? This is the emergence of the Food Weapon. The Jewish farmers were told what to grow and they soon found out who was in charge if they questioned his orders. In 1901, these Jewish people complained to Rothschild about this dictatorship over their settlement or "Yishuv". They asked him: "if you wish to save the Yishuv, first take your hands from it, and ... for once permit the colonists to have the possibility of correcting for themselves whatever needs correcting..."



It seems that some people in the group want to know why orgone works, so I'll do my best to describe it.

First we'll start with the energetic properties of a quartz crystal. A quartz crystal consists of a uniform structure of Silicone Dioxide molecules(SiO2). The pattern these molecules create is always the same throughout the entire crystal. When a crystal is rubbed or squeezed, the pressure is dispersed throughout the entire crystal, which in turn releases a measurable and uniform energy science has termed "piezoelectric energy".

There is a simultaneous drawing in of less-uniform energy from around the crystal as this piezoelectric energy is being released by squeezing the crystal. The piezoelectric energy is uniform like the crystal it was just released from. When crystals are cast in polyester resin, such as in an orgone blaster, they are constantly being squeezed from the pressure of being inside the resin.

This means they are always releasing uniform energy while drawing in less-than-uniform energy from the surrounding environment so that it may be made uniform and released (this is an ongoing cycle). This uniform energy is initially neutral.

The addition of a clockwise copper coil helps to harmonize the neutral energy into a positive wavelength, like setting the frequency. The direction in which the coil is wound plays a large part in how the frequency of the energy is set. The piezoelectric energy is attracted to the metal in the shavings and coil like electricity. The copper and aluminum shavings help the energy move from the crystals to the coil, and the spiraling shape causes the energy to spin to match the coil's shape.

When I pray on how the energy moves, Yah tells me that energy comes in through the bottom of the coil, gets processed by the constantly-squeezed crystals, then leaves out the top of the coil as positive healing energy. All of this is happening simultaneously. The rising of this positive energy is what helps to eat the chemtrails and neutralize "cell phone" tower radiation, and it accumulates over time to combat negative energies. I hope this may help others understand better how orgone works. It truly is a gift and a blessing to work with orgone. I know in my heart that what I am doing makes a difference in fighting evil forces in this world. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving...

And for the physics of Orgone..

Another explanation from a fellow warrior: the quantum make up of the chemicals in the chemtrails, is the ducting material for the energy weapons/matrix, the quantum spins of the binding energies determine how they are pinning (binding to and suppressing) down earths and our "life force" energy or orgone...

the spin direction and polarity of the quantum characteristics of the chemicals determine the way they latch on to earth biologics' binding energies...

nature does show that the life force spins in both directions, however there is an "over abundance of the one direction" and not enough in the clockwise direction to counteract the double spin quantum binding mechanism of the chemicals involved...

this direction (clockwise) of spin helps better to unlock the quantum grip..unlocking the quantum binding allows not only the orgone to flow from the device more readily but also the life force from life around the device will have less binding suppression on their life force spins well as the thought that the fallen freaks my have gained enough knowledge of the counterclockwise direction to have been able to program their genes so that they would not be harmed as much...but Yahweh at the end decided to throw in a different spin...ha...that's a funny..when I heard of the direction difference I went to the mat in prayer and bugged Yahweh for understanding on this...first out of faith, peace and discernment He gave me peace what Sherry was saying was right, even if she could not give all the specifics...that is what walking in faith and trust know in your heart and spirit from years of knowing the voice and character of the Most High, then you do your best to obey and along the way conformation comes. the clockwise spin direction is a major part of unlocking the binding energies of the chemtrails from us and our environment...

in short....without the chemicals present the other energy beams have nothing to lock onto and track or cause cymatic junctures in....hope this helps


Source List:
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Two 'anonymous' emails—'The Great Dying—The Real Reason Behind Chemtrails.'

Chemtrail ingredients ,, and


2003 Chemtrails over America (Scroll down to: RADIO FREQUENCY MISSION PLANNER):

[2025] Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025: FOR EASE IN DOWNLOADING ABOVE PAPER: PDF: Weather as a Force Multiplier - Owning the Weather 2025: AF2025 v3c15-1 | Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning... | (Ch 1): (no longer active)

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Possible Chemtrails linked to Morgellons Disease

..our impulses are being redirected. We are living in an artificially induced state of consciousness that resembles sleep… ...the movement was begun eight months ago by a small group of scientists who discovered, quite by accident, these signals being sent through television... ...the poor and the underclass are growing. Racial justice and human rights are nonexistent. They have created a repressive society and we are their unwitting accomplices... ...their intention to rule rests with the annihilation of consciousness. We have been lulled into a trance. They have made us indifferent, to ourselves, to others, we are focused only on our own gain. We ha... ...please understand, they are safe as long as they are not discovered. That is their primary method of survival. Keep us asleep, keep us selfish, keep us sedated... ...they are dismantling the sleeping middle class. More and more people are becoming poor. We are their cattle. We are being bred for slavery. The revolution... ...we cannot break their signal, our transmitter is not powerful enough. The signal must be shut off at the source.

Other Helpfull Links:

Quote from Page Author. This has to stop, these chemtrails are destorying our earth, our creative abilities and soon possibly our economic system. All parties responsible must be held accountable for their actions.

Diamond Head Crystals are CALCITE crystals composed of (Calcium Carbonate). Calcite, which gets its name from "chalix" the Greek word for lime, is a most amazing and yet, most common mineral. It is one of the most common minerals on the face of the Earth, comprising about 4% by weight of the Earth's crust and is formed in many different geological environments. Calcite can form rocks of considerable mass and constitutes a significant part of all three major rock classification types. It forms oolitic, fossiliferous and massive limestones in sedimentary environments and even serves as the cements for many sandstones and shales. Limestone becomes marble from the heat and pressure of metamorphic events. Calcite is even a major component in the igneous rock called carbonatite and forms the major portion of many hydrothermal veins. Some of these rock types are composed of better than 99% calcite. The best property of calcite is the acid test. Why? Because calcite always will effervesce (bubble) when even cold weak acids are placed on specimens. The carbon dioxide gas (CO2) is given off as bubbles and the calcium dissolves in the residual water. Any acid, just about, can produce these results, but dilute hydrochloric acid or vinegar are the two recommended acids for this test. Calcite forms Twinning. Twins form as a result of an error during crystallization. Instead of a "normal" single crystal, twins will often appear doubled where two crystals appear to be growing out of or into each other, like Siamese twins. Some twins however are not even identifiable outwardly and some minerals in fact have been found to be just a twinned variety of another mineral. What is it and where was it formed? Calcite is mostly found in sedimentary rock. Calcite turns into the rock called limestone. Some limestone is made when sea creatures die and their skeletons and shells fall to the bottom of the ocean. They pile on top of each other, push on the lower layers, and the pressure makes limestone. All limestone starts in water. There are places in the middle of the United States where there used to be a sea. The water has been gone for millions of years. Even though it's dry now, limestone can be found there. If you add pressure and high heat to limestone, it changes into marble, a metamorphic rock. What is it used for? Calcite/limestone is used for making glass, paper, photography, statues, building, and animal food. The Ancient Egyptian Sphinx [below] is made of limestone.

The shape is Trigonal which is the same as human blood plasma. As plasma circulates through the body, it acts like a milkman making deliveries. The plasma drops off various substances to the cells of the body, and collects waste products for processing. Blood plasma flows constantly, and the components of plasma are constantly being renewed. In addition to providing nutrition and waste cleanup, blood plasma also harbors immune system cells which attack infections in the body, and it is used to deliver hormones and clotting factors to areas where they are needed


Consider the CIA has a reputation for running elections "Behind the scenes" it is possible that the emerging of the Tea Party is seen as a threat by those who don't want this new emergence to happen and they are using chemtrails as a mind control method to stop the increasing popularity of the Tea Party.

I found this link where one of their planes was shot down and it was supposedly a CIA Chemtrail Run operation.

Hyaluronic Acid for water retention - Hyaluronic Acid as an anti-aging component

Vitamin B5 - Increases moisture retention in the skin

Guar Gum: A polysaccharide which provides an excellent moisture retention ability.


Recent studies and news stories revealed that Hyaluronic Acid can possibly be the next 'fountain of youth' because of its anti-aging components. The theory is that when a person is born, he has a high level of Hyaluronic Acid in the body. This level of Hyaluronic Acid recedes as he grows old, which may contribute to the aging process. For this reason, Hyaluronic Acid when taken orally by eating foods which are rich in Hyaluronic Acid, it may just be the cure to fight the aging process. Vegetables which are rich in starch is a good source of Hyaluronic Acid.

Including Hyaluronic Acid-rich foods in your diet will also give you smoother skin and better eyesight. Hyaluronic Acid can be injected or applied directly on the skin when it is used as a topical product to have moisturized and younger-looking skin.

Hyaluronic Acid for healing of joint conditions
One of the most popular and important applications of Hyaluronic Acid is that it is used as an injection to help heal joint conditions of the elderly. The injection is applied directly to the affected area, and the Hyaluronic Acid allows the bone to adequately absorb the stress and shock that is applied to it. Once the Hyaluronic Acid is injected in the body, it strengthens the flexibility of the bones and the body as a whole.

Hyaluronic Acid - A natural protein found in the skin that binds water and supports the retention of moisture; produced by the fermentation of yeast.

With all these advantages, more and more people are discovering the benefits and wonders of Hyaluronic Acid. Not only does it help slow down the aging process, but it also assists in strengthening the bones, and retains the body's natural moisture. Until the 1990's the only method of producing hyaluronic acid was extracting it from rooster combs. Currently there are two forms of hyaluronic acid on the market: one from rooster combs and the other by fermentation in the lab. It is commonly added to cosmetics while in solution, which is 1 part hyaluronic acid to 99 parts water with added preservative. The cuticular layer of the skin normally contains 10-20% water, however as we age it can drop to below 10%. Hyaluronic acid comes to the rescue with its unique ability to hold more than 1000 ml of water per gram of hyaluronic acid, which is a key factor in allowing the skin to retain more water.

Pro-Vitamin B5 (dl-Panthenol), a humectant effective at counteracting the dryness that occurs in aging skin and increases the moisture retention capacity of the skin which allows dry skin to stay supple and elastic longer. It is anti-inflammatory and stimulates skin regeneration. ProVitiamin B5 stimulates skin regeneration. VITAMIN B5: In the skin it aids moisture retention (ability to both hold and attract water) and increases elasticity



Obtained from coal and limestone, this substance is both a moisture-retaining humectant and a skin softener.


This oil is used as an astringent and reduces irritation on the skin. It helps to hydrate the skin, restoring moisture and lipid balance to dry skin. Also known as Vitamin F, it is an essential fatty acid oil that is rich in gamma-linoleic and gamma-linolenic acids


A naturally occurring skin acid that is capable of holding moisture many times greater than the collagen protein molecule. It binds essential moisture in skin layers, retaining it, thereby reducing fine lines caused by dryness or dehydration.


A water-soluble protein that is derived from whole wheat, thus it is not animal derived. It contains two major proteins both rich in cystine (an amino acid). The two proteins, glutenin and gliadin, moisturize and smooth the surface of the skin, helping moisture to bind to the stratum corneum.


Another name for Vitamin E. It builds up in the epidermis and creates a barrier to keep moisture from escaping.

plant musilages -- derived from seeds, roots or other plant parts usually by extraction with water. The class includes gums derived from althea root, chia seed, Iceland moss, linseed (flaxseed), slippery elm bark and guar gum

guar gum concentrated from guar beans (closely related to chick peas). Providing not only the benefits of legume consumption, guar gum is also hydrocolloid fiber, which has been the focus of several new and exciting studies. Guar gum at a 1 gram dose has shown to help appetite control. Research has also shown guar gum significantly enhances dietary fiber content, and supports healthy serum cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels. Rich in fiber, protein and key micronutrients, studies have shown that beyond any other food group, adequate legume consumption is the best dietary predictor of optimal health and longevity. Guar gum has very similar properties to locust bean gum, which is extracted from the seeds of the carob tree

Locust bean gum: Locust bean gum is obtained from the seeds of the carob tree, an evergreen species indigenous to semi-arid areas of Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, and Israel. It acts as a thickener and water-control agent in various foods. It is only slightly degraded during its trip through your gastrointestinal tract. Breakdown occurs by the micro-flora at the end of the line. This fiber, like so many others, causes a decrease in total cholesterol due primarily to a decline in the LDL-cholesterol fraction.

chemtrail immunity