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Here are studies showing how people are influenced by the geomagnetic forces




"Changes in the earth’s magnetic field are associated with changes in brain and nervous system activity."
Dr. Rollin McCraty. The Global Coherence Monitoring System
"Human behavior is influenced through the direct current control system of the brain by the terrestrial magnetic field"
Dr. Robert O. Becker, Medical Research, Syracuse University


"A viable relationship with the motivational behaviors of Jehovah’s Witnesses and geomagnetic location along with cyclic time variations."
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
"A demonstration of the relationship between geomagnetic storm activity and suicide."
BERK Michael ; DODD Seetal ; HENRY Margaret
2006 Bioelectromagnetics Journal Vol. 27, no2, pp. 151-155 [5 page(s) (article)]
"Diagnoses of interest, non-affective psychoses, mania, depression and minor mental disorders (MMD), were tested for an association with various geophysical variables"
The International Society on Brain and Behavior: 3rd International Congress on Brain and Behavior
Annals of General Psychiatry 2008,7(Suppl1):S251doi:10.1186
"Results revealed statistically significant increments for the mean systolic and diastolic blood pressure values of the group with geomagnetic activity increase"
Institute of Physics, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences; 33, H. Javid Avenue, Baku, AZ-1143, Azerbaijan

The effect of Geomagnetism on the Pineal Gland.
Psi Research Centre, Glastonbury, Somerset, Britain
"The authors find strong empirical support in favor of a geomagnetic-storm effect in stock returns after controlling for market seasonals and other environmental and behavioral factors"
Anna Krivelyova and Cesare Robotti
Working Paper 2003-5b
Department of Economics, Boston College, 140 Commonwealth Avenue, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, 02134


Solar Eruptions

"Sounds generated deep inside the Sun cause the Earth to shake and vibrate in sympathy"
David Thomson and Louis Lanzerotti, team members of the HISCALE experiment

"Increased solar activity has the effect of either bringing out the best or worst in human behavior"
Dr. Michael Salla Department of Political Science, Australian National University
"It was shown that the time of year, solar activity, and geomagnetic activity were related to the monthly death distribution, especially regarding death from IHD and suicide. "
Toor Heart Institute, Epidemiology Unit, Beilinson Medical Center
"Geomagnetic variations of solar origin correlate with appearance of physiological problems, enhanced anxiety, sleep disturbances, altered moods, and greater incidences of psychiatric admissions."
Solar Terrestrial Influences Laboratory, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Acad. G. Bonchev Str. Bl. 3 Sofia 1113
"It should be borne in mind that if some signal conditions are harmful, then other conditions might be beneficial. This means that if, for example, seasonal and tidal conditions have resulted in the signals being in a biologically disturbing state, then the advent of a solar flare could result in changes in the signals, bringing them into a biologically beneficial state. The converse could also occur."
By Richard Alan Miller and Iona Miller - Nexus Magazine
"The researchers also found that the solar storms have a greater effect on the prices of stocks of smaller companies (those with lower market capitalizations), which tend to be held by individual investors, than on stocks of larger companies"
Solar Flares and Stock Market Activity
Boston College Researchers Krivelyova and Robotti
Anna Krivelyova, a doctoral candidate in economics, recently co-authored a study that suggests an increase in geomagnetic activity - especially the upsurge that has taken place this fall - may lead to a drop in stock returns.
Whale Strandings Linked to Solar Eruptions

Negative Ions


"Light therapy is effective for major depression – not only for the seasonal subtype. As an adjuvant to conventional antidepressants in unipolar patients, or lithium in bipolar patients,
morning light hastens and potentiates the antidepressant response.
Dr. Donald L. McEachron - Seasonal Influences on Human Physical and Mental Performance
"The earth itself produces negative ions. Our sun’s energy is generated by the chain reaction of Hydrogen being converted into Helium, then back again. This process produces the heat that sustains life on Earth, but also showers our planet with positive ions of Hydrogen as a by-product."
What are Negative Ions?
The Anion Family, Inc.

Various Scientific Studies using ionized air on different life forms.