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October 1st, 2011. Chemtrail Report from Hawaii. Spraying began at 3 a.m. in the far east, drifting westbound toward the island of Oahu. "Marker" tail was clearly visible on the eastern horizon. Solar Flux levels have started to drop into the more "life giving" range 4.0 and dropping). Therefore we can conclude that this spraying is meant to induce a "stress" into the population.

Fish Die Offs and the Recent Record Breaking X-Ray Background Radiation Levels Posted: September 20th, 2011.

Fish Die Offs occuring here:

X-Ray Background Flux Levels Here.

New Research Results

Updated: September 5th, 2011
For those of you wondering, "today the solar flux was high, but there was no chemtrail spraying". This is because they will only spray most times when the solar flux is at medium levels, not at super high levels. They will never spray when the solar flux background levels are at 4.0 or above. This is because there is a higher chance of the immune system naturally becoming vulnerable to disease during these "super solar flare" periods. Medium levels are conductive to health and life on earth, they promote life and help in the creation of ideas and smooth mental processing. Super high flares can cause irriational behaviour and disturbed judgment.

As the image above shows, X-Ray background Flux Levels of 4.0 and higher, will guarantee no chemtrail spraying, at least in Hawaii.
Link courtesty of Stanford, NOAA and the U.S. Dept of Commerce

New Updates: September 7th, 2011

"Will a man-made synthetic, self-replicating, nano pathogen be the cause of a new global pandemic that may forever change the future of mankind? It sounds like some kind of science fiction horror invading from another planet. Self replicating nano machine pathogens floating unobserved through the air silently invading their unsuspecting human hosts and slowly turning them into gray goo. Once they establish a beach head in the human body they exhibit a type of group intelligence allowing them to communicate & invade all parts of the body including the brain"

"there are approx. 175,000 new cases of lung cancer each year in the United States. So far, this year(2006), just for the months of January and February there are ALREADY 172,000 new cases of lung cancer.* If the rate of newly diagnosed lung cancer continues at this pace through 2006 there will be well over 1,000,000 new cases of lung cancer for '06 vs the annual 175,000 rate for preceeding years. This is an absolutely stunning increase...suddenly lung cancer rates have increased 1000%?! And they are telling us to worry about BIRD FLU? What is going on? "
Reference Link:

"Could we be in for another major influenza in the approaching years"

"June of 2013 shows a peak with a danger period from July 2013 to July 2014. 2019 shows another danger period"

There is a very real possibility of another worldwide pandemic outbreak occuring between July 2013 and July 2014, instead of it being organic, it may be "nano-tech" related.

Take a look at these pictures of Morgellons:

They may be pictures of what I hope doesn't come true in the mass population:

Permission granted to copy and redistribute this entire page without any restrictions.
This information is being released in the name of public health and safety


Update August 16th, 2011. Chemtrail Spraying Over the Island of Oahu was very, very heavy. Spraying occured at night time during the night of August 16th, with light spraying on August 15th. Geophysical parameters are a full moon, plus a higher solar flux in the "life re-restoring" range. This spraying period possibly focused on the following. Thought control, due to a new awareness emerging that could change the political parties. Getting people to vote republican next election, with the new awareness developing to vote for Ron Paul or Tea Party Canidates. The mind war continues. I have posted online video, as well as images with the camera pointed east towards and in Kailua, HI, on August 16th, 2011.

Sunrise on 8/15/11

Spray on 8/15/11 in the afternoon over Kailua Hawaii

Video of Chemtrail spraying over Kaulia, Hawaii - The trails are visible in the bottom left lower corner of the frame

Above is a Professional documentary about chemtrail spraying in Hawaii - From What in the World are they Spraying?

Update: August 10th, 2011

ENDGAME IS NOW ON. "They" are using the full arsenal of fear, ignorance and spin to control the masses. Expect major, major events to unfold in the next 2 months. Expect major heavy chemtrail spraying targeting the immune system over the next few months. I have found a site that will help identify when these key periods will occur. You can locate the site at:

Remember our founding fathers fought for your freedom and this whole "war" on your mind and body's immune system is designed to take away your freedoms and enslave you. Simple as that.

Moderate chemtrail Spraying over Honolulu between Jun 28th and Jun 29th, 2011. There was no solar flare, geomagnetic activity. So this spray period is a mystery..... for now.

FBI Director comes out against CHEMTRAILS. Link:

CALCULATING CHEMTRAIL SPRAYING CALENDAR DAYS is located further down this page, as well as how to create antibodies. The best defense you can have is a strong immune system.

Chinese Proverb. "If you know yourself and you know your enemy, victory is always assured."
Time is their greatest enemy. When we take time to make major decisions, the entire picture becomes crystal clear.

February 9th, 2011. Spraying was very, very heavy. This spraying possibly targeted the DNA structure. There was a higher Solar Flux the day before. Whenever they spray heavily, the sunset always looks like the picture below. All Hawaiian Sunsets are usually clear with standard clouds.

As of February 2nd, 2011. All has been quiet. No major spray activity to report to date. A couple high geomagnetic storms, but no spraying associated with these periods observed.

Chemtrail Reports from Hawaii: On November 2nd, 2010, in the morning there was a vertical "line" coming from the sun as it rose, consistent with chemtrail spraying. The morning sunrise was a brilliant orange/red with "33 degree angle" shadow lines. It is possible they sprayed early in the morning (around 3 a.m.) of November 2nd, 2010. Spray was very heavy covering all the islands, including up to the horizon.

Today, November 3rd, there is a light rain over Hawaii, CONSISTENT LIGHT RAIN with no thunder or lightening, which is very, very rare. I found this article similar to chemtrail spraying, an election and also rain at this link:

"Feb 10, 2010 ... Comments on Costa Rica suffers massive chemtrail spraying on day of "elections" and ahead of mass swine flu vaccination campaign In conclusion, all the Hawaiian Islands, including Maui, and Kaui were sprayed late in the afternoon on November 1st and again in the early morning of November 2nd, 2010. Election day was November 2nd and as I type this light rain is falling. This rainfall pattern is very, very unusual. -of-mass-swin e-flu-vaccination-campaign-400

Considering the CIA has a reputation for running elections "Behind the scenes" it is possible that the emerging of the Tea Party is seen as a threat by those who don't want this new emergence to happen and they are using chemtrails as a mind control method to stop the increasing popularity of the Tea Party.

I found this link where one of their planes was shot down and it was supposedly a CIA Chemtrail Run operation. -down-in-china

Now the question is, what is the connection between rainfall, chemtrails and an election?. November 3rd was Hawaii's Election day and we just had a massive "free flu shot" campaign end a few days ago.

It is my judgement that because the solar and geomagnetic indicators were not at high levels, (used for DNA modification), than this spraying was related to mind control to get the masses to accept / vote for some hidden, yet unknown agenda. If we live in a democracy, than why are they attempting to spray the masses on election day?

Posted September 13th, 2010:

Chemtrails have been sprayed in Hawaii for the last 4 days. This seems to be the mind control formula that is being used.

NEW: Honolulu, HI was sprayed heavily on October 14th, 2010. This spraying appears to target the DNA and Immune System. Just in time for the October "flu shot" season. So me and others are boosting our immune systems after this recent spraying. The spray appears to be coming from the South West part of the island.

They sprayed again lightly in the early morning hours of October 16th, 2010 over Honolulu, Hawaii. The Solar Flux (as of October 16th), for the first time in days has finally "risen" suddenly.

Also this years flu bug appears to be stronger and expect more "spin" on the economy as they try to promote a "recovery", yet over the longterm expect a longer decline, but most of all they are trying to heighten the anxiety level of man to make way for their war, which won't happen as more and more people become aware of what they are up to.....stay tuned..

Our food is being purposely engineered to severe our connection to our full creative potential. Only organic and nutrient rich foods restore our original connection to our higher selves/potential.


A very important note to our viewers. This website "How to create Chemtrail Anti Resistance Antibodies" was the first and only website to predict the swine flu outbreak that started in April of 2009. Now as of 10/12/09 a "vaccine" has become available. As shown below in the new video the Swine Flu Vaccine contains harsh chemicals such as mercury, and other toxic substances. Because the swine flu was created via bioengineering in the first place, the Vaccine can only make it worse.

What is happening here is they are spraying the chemtrails and they are designed to break down the human body immune system. Its is a program to "cull the herd" so to speak. They want to de-populate to make way for their agenda. If you do the research you will find that the best way to create these new diseases is to launch them during the Months of April and October when earths natural geomagnetic storms are strongest (when the swine flu outbreak occurred) and the body is most vulnerable to earth's geomagnetic energy, thus creating the perfect "hiding place" for executing the "illness". IT MUST BE STRESSED HERE, THESE FLUS AND ILLNESSS ARE NOT NATURAL THEY ARE BIO-MANUFACTURED. It is no coincidence that the new "Vaccine" appeared in October (right after the equinox), another time when earth's geomagnetic activity is at its highest.

The Above Speech by President Kennedy discusses mans fight / flight from enslavement and struggle for continued freedom and talks about this "shadow government"

If you don't want to take the vaccine (highly recommended) this combination is a great way to stop the starting effects of swine flu:
Honey, Apple Cider Vinegar and Garlic - when feeling swine flu coming on. You will feel it sooner or later.

As explained above, Dr Mercola explains it perfectly. High doses of Vitamin D3 kills the flu. The governments keep natural medicine very quiet because there is no money in it HE EXPLAINS THAT THE TOXIC SUBSTANCE MERCURY IS ABOVE SAFE LEVELS IN FLUE VACINNES. OTHER SUBSTANCES ARE ALUMINUM AND OTHER UNSAFE SUBSTANCES.

Here is a google search link where thousands of other people are also using the same remedy to defeat the "start" of swine flu:

The below article goes into more depth:

"The Center for Disease Control (CDC) officials are almost ready for their PR company to unleash a sophisticated, powerful H1N1 'swine flu' vaccine multimedia marketing campaign to dupe doctors and exploit society's most vulnerable through what social scientists call mind control that aims for behavior control.`" blic-to-buy-va ccine

And here is a google search link for swine flu vaccine and mind control: qi=

The bottom line here there, we are in a time of both forces of light and darkness warring against each other for mankind's ultimate freedom right to remain free from
becoming a slave.

From the author of this website. Keep your immune system in strong shape and let your intuition, research and sound judgment guide you along the way.

Previous Page Date June 1st, 2009.
The CALCULATING CHEMTRAIL SPRAYING CALENDAR DAYS was updated with a more streamlined profile with the results of chemtrail spraying on June 1st.


Page Link:

What you will find on this page. Chapters Include:

Chemtrail Airports and Aircraft Assembly
Other chemtrail plane refueling, taking off/landing locations:
Chemtrails and Geomagnetic Activity
How to Detect Chemtrail Spraying in your Local Area. The Scientific Method
Locations of Genetic Engineering and Bio Technology and its possible misuse. A Special Report
Professional Chemtrail Researchers
Behavioral and Psychological Effects of Chemtrails. A Special Report
Chemtrails and Military Personal
Chemtrails and Stress
Chemtrail Cure, Resistance and ways to get rid of the effects of chemtrails
In depth Chemtrail Analysis and Summary

Please note if this page ever goes down, there are currently 3 mirrors that I know of where you can re-access this information.

Additional Mirrors:
Mirror 1 -
Mirror 2 -
Mirror 3 -

Update: May 19th, 2009. Re-organized and simplified page. Due to last solar flare 4 days ago, chemtrail spraying has re-started in the Silicon Valley, CA again. While we know where the planes are taking off from, our last assignment is to find out where the mixing of these chemicals is occurring, who is doing the mixing and who is funding this operation. We will be starting with manufacturers, as well as those who manufacture the spraying equipment, computer equipment and than onto those mixing, preparing and uploading these chemicals into the aircraft. We expect this assignment to take approximately 3 to 6 months. After than the project will be complete, we will finally know. Their route, their schedule, where the planes take off from, and with a little luck, where, when and who is mixing the chemtrail formula(e), and delivering it to the aircraft for dispersion into our atmosphere.
As of March 11th, 2009, we know their aircraft types, and a rough spraying schedule. Next is to locate the hangers where these planes are kept (or they may be modified a few days/weeks beforehand), and than let the media do their part of the work.
We know heavy spraying days are on solar flare days and again days 4 through 8 after a solar flare.
We know they use the KC 135's large planes usually 3 at one time in the sky. So all we need to do now is find the base they are coming out of. When we have the base, we only need contact the local news station and do a "news raid" on the aircraft. If this is not possible, due to the planes being on Air Force Property, it would not be hard to access the air base as personnel (active duty, air force personnel etc., I have access as a Merchant Marine etc.). And find their hanger. We know that the "white planes" usually come out of local airports with commercial traffic, this means that public access to these planes would be made much easier, as the restricted areas would not be enforced or would be very lax if there were an "news raid". If local media refuses to cover this, than the Independent Media outlets would love a story such as this. Such as etc. The Local ABC NEWS affiliate would be the first ones to contact, as well as Alex Jones located at
Another observation. As I said I see people on a regular basis in my office and I noticed that people who work in carpet stores have a higher chemtrail infection behavior than other workplaces. This I believe is because if you walk into a carpet store you will see lots and lots of carpet samples hanging around. And because chemtrail fallout consists also of "fiber" type materials, it is possible the chemtrail fallout "latches onto" the carpet like velcro and sticks to it, causing a huge amount of chemtrail particles to gather in these stores over time. It would also make a perfect place to gather/research chemtrail fallout from days or even weeks ago. I only noticed this from people whose stores had a lot of airflow through them, big doors to where the airflow from outside came into their store.

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Class Action Lawsuit Help For Filing Action for Chemtrail Spraying in your Community


Newspapers Exposing Chemtrail Spraying and their Biohazards and Dangers

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Chemtrail Airports and Aircraft Assembly

McMinnville, Oregon is the headquarters for Evergreen Aviation
"the aircraft doing the spraying (if you live near McMinnville, these flat-white painted tanker planes are supposed to be operating from a base there)"

Evergreen is the only non-military airline that is stationed/allowed to fly out of ALL the DOD/Military regional bases."e=10655373

Evergreen, originally based in McMinnville, Oregon, expanded from a small helicopter in the 1960s "to a major international airline with secret government contracts" according to the Portland, Oregon Free Press. The Oregonian reported that "Evergreen Airline Company, Evergreen International Airlines, Inc., was built on remnants of two older airlines

The Chinese are rumored to have a contract at the McMinnville EVERGREEN AIR in Oregon, where the CIA has flown from for no less than 40 years. yanmar/forum +mcminnville+oregon+%2B+Chemtrails,+CIA&cd=8&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

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